Thursday, November 10, 2011

007 Seven sins of Indian Higher Judiciary

Photo courtesy Indian Express.Com, in its dated 11.11.11, published a news item:
Higher judiciary guilty of 7 sins: ex-SC judge pulls no punches

Ms. Ruma Pal, former Supreme Court Justice was reported to have made the above comments.

How we can view, probably
1. Ms. Jus. Ruma Pal is entitled to her own views. We shall respect her right to express them publicly also.

2. We can make two notes: Had she made these observations before becoming a Supreme Court Judge, she might/would not have been appointed. Instead, she would have been tried for contempt of court.

She would not have been justified in making these comments, while working as a Supreme Court Judge, as that would tantamount to insulting her own colleagues.

3. She seems to have, therefore, done the right thing of commenting after retiring. Better late than never! But, she may still be inviting contempt of court proceedings. Or at least, she would be foregoing appointments as some regulator or Chairperson of Commission of Enquiry. Alternatively, we can also construe that she may be making these comments only because she is not receiving her due enquiry commission / regulator job. But I shall not prefer the second comment because it will be prejudging. We can wait and see how things will turn out.

4. Our Judicial System is our last straw to float in an avalanche of corruption. Though not a dependable straw, we have no alternative.

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