Tuesday, June 28, 2011

005 Objective Type Test on Indian Constitution

Indian Constitution Objective Type Question: Art. 226 provides for writ jurisdiction of
Supreme Court High Court Trial Court a and b

2.What type of writ petition a person can file, if a relative is missing and there is a suspicion that he is under secret custody of police:
Habeas corpus Mandamus Quo Warranto Certiorari

3.Who has the temporary authority to suspend the Fundamental Rights:
Parliament President Supreme Court Prime Minister

4.What is the importance of Article 18(4):
Right to freedom Right to life Padma Awards are not titles Right to Education

5.Article 300A recognises the Right to
Education Life Property Religious freedom

6.Right to Life is inspired by the Constitution of
France Japan Britain United States

7.Article 32 helps a citizen whose Fundamental Rights were threatened, to file a writ petition before:
District Court High Court Supreme Court b and c

8.Which provisions cannot be enforced through Courts?:
Directive Principles Fundamental Rights Delegated Law NOT

9.Who said that Fundamental Rights represented the Conscience of the Constitution? :
Mahatma Gandhi Jawaharlal Nehru B.R. Ambedkar Maulana Azad

10.Endless reservations on various grounds threaten which Article of the Constitution?
14 19 21 32

11.Whose role has become significant as the Guardian of Fundamental Rights?
President Parliament Cabinet High Courts and Supreme Courts

12.Art. 20(2) provides some protection against
wrongful prosecution double jeopardy wrongful confinement illegal searches

13.What is the Basic Structure of Indian Constitution?
Fundamental Rights Directive Principles Fundamental Duties No defintion

14.States have jurisdiction to legislate on
Fundamental Rights Directive Principles Jurisdiction of Courts NOT

15.Compulsory Primary Education is covered by the Article
14 19 21 226

16.The significance of Art. 356 is :
Imposition of Emergency President's Rule in States Common Civil Code Right to Property

17.PIL (Public Interest Litigation) is covered by the Article
14 19 21 NOT

18.Who prepares the first list of candidates for appointment as Judges of Supreme Court?
President Prime Minister Cabinet Collegium of Supreme Court Judges

19.Who can suspend High Court Judges?
CJI President Collegium of Supreme Court Judges Only through impeachment

20.Who can prosecute High Court Judges for private offenses?
Supreme Court High Court Chief Justice President There is confusion


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